Down the Rabbit Hole

What do a Rabbit, some Firefighters & a Bar have in common?

Sounds like a bad joke, right? Well this was my dream. It had a little more to it of course, like a rabbit chase ending with evil bunny claws and blood, but I’m sure it all has a meaning right?

Let’s figure it out, but first we must start with the bunny! That darn bunny was SO fast. All I could remember was my mom, sister and me running through some strange version of my childhood home trying to catch this bunny. And as soon as I got near, ouch!  The cute little fur ball reached out and drew blood!

Jump ahead; I’m in a bar at the mall with a bunch of old high school friends who in my dream were my family for some reason. But I didn’t want to be there. So in true dream form, I’m ducking, hiding, and slinking around, trying to find an exit, and there, I run into a group of firefighters. Finally, I weave my way out of the crowded bar and into the mall where I’m transported to a kid’s store. As I’m browsing, I overhear a few interesting conversations although I can’t quite remember them, and them I’m outta there and in the lobby of the mall which looks more like a hotel lobby, waiting on an elevator that never comes.

So… now that I’m awake, what does this all mean?

Doing some research on one of my favorite dream interpretation sites,, I uncover the meaning of some of the more prominent symbols:

For example, if a bunny scratches or bites you, then you need to take a closer look at your personal relationship or your love life.

The bar could mean that you want to escape the stresses of your daily life for something more pleasurable. Or it could mean that you are looking for some sort of acceptance. And it could even mean you feel left out or held back from something and it’s out of your hands.

Running into the firefighters means that you are seeing your Higher Self and you are cleansing and purifying yourself. The firefighters also stand for a symbol of heroism and hope.

Being in the mall represents the many choices, decisions and options you have to make in life. These choices that you are now faced with are life-changing and shaping you as a person. But it could also mean that you’re trying to impress someone.

And finally the elevator in a general sense represents the ups and downs of life. Plus it could represent your emotions and thoughts being merged with your subconscious mind.

That’s a lot to take in.

But let’s look at this as a whole. Since I am currently in the middle of a spiritual awakening, a lot this makes A LOT of sense. I believe seeing the firefighters definitely is a sign that I am starting to connect with my Higher Self. The bunny, mall and bar also make a lot of sense in this spiritual awakening of mine. Because I’m new to this soul-seeking journey, I’m learning SO much and getting involved with a whole new set of friends and acquaintances. I’m definitely trying to make a favorable impression on them. And in meeting all these new people, I’ve found some new projects of which I’m not totally in control of. Plus, some of these things I’m working on could help shape quite a bit of my future. So check, check, check. And now, this leaves us with the elevator. Once again, this checks the box of the spiritual awakening. It’s all being stored for safe keeping in my mind!

So, this one was a pretty straightforward and easy one to decode. Seemingly, a bunny and all the other things combined mean that I’m connecting to my spiritual self while still trying to find acceptance in this new group of friends and succeed on all the fun, new projects coming my way, even though they aren’t completely under my control. Sounds spot on. How crazy is it though that all those random symbols had such a cohesive meaning in the end.

Now let’s try one of yours! Share your latest dream with me and I’ll try and decode it for you.  Until then, sweet dreams!