Stuck in the Mud

Have you ever felt like you were stuck, covered in mud?

Well that image is as “stuck” in my mind as my foot was in one of my latest dreams.   After along chase, a publicly humiliating break-up with my entire family watching, I found myself stuck, ankle deep in mud when all I really wanted to do was join the meditation group by the train tracks. Was that too much to ask? Maybe so… because no matter how powerful we seem to be in our dreams, my will failed me here. So what does it all mean, let’s figure it out.

Let’s start with the culprit here, mud. And just as you might imagine, when you look up the symbolic meaning of mud, it’s just as messy as it sounds. Literally, it means that you’re involved in a messy, sticky situation. Well duh. It could also mean you need some spiritual cleansing according to… which yeah, I think would pertain to me. I am in the middle of a spiritual awakening after 35 years of life, so I could see some cleansing of the old would be in store. But in addition to the obvious and the spiritual symbols, it could mean you’re feeling weighed down or frustrated. So, awesome… this dream is off to a good start isn’t it?

But HOW did I get stuck in the mud? Well… it was a chase that led me there, so what does the chase have to do with my muddy situation? Once again, surprise, it’s not the best! Who would’ve thought me being chased and stuck in mud wouldn’t be good? Well, to be chased, according to dreammoods, suggests that you’re avoiding a situation that you don’t think you can overcome. It symbolizes insecurity. Well yay me!

So imagine my surprise when I start to look at what that public break-up symbolized… do you think it’s good? Well, luckily it’s not as bad as it sounds. It kind of just means that a relationship is moving to the “next level.” It could be something new or better… so it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, if you want to look at it in a better light. Which after my first two signs – heck yes I do!

So how does my family fit in symbolically with all these other awesome visions? Well, this is a better note. According to dreammoods, they represent security, warmth and love. I’ll buy that. BUT here’s the flip side, they can symbolize bitterness, jealousy or rivalry. It can mean that you’re too dependent on your family. Can we just stick with the warm and fuzzy description instead?

Then there’s the whole meditation near the train tracks, strange place for a meditation if you ask me, but maybe some like a little train whistle to break into their thoughts. Regardless, at least the meditation part has a good meaning. It symbolizes self-acceptance, enlightenment and becoming less judgmental of others and yourself. And the train tracks mean you’re on track to achieving your goals. It may be a slow and steady course, but you are doing it. So at least these two images can give me a little bit more hope.

So, when we look at it all together, let’s see what we can come up with. I was chased which meant I was avoiding a situation, but I don’t think that quite fits my life right now. Maybe it’s more on par with the idea that I’m a little insecure, which I’d agree. I mean I’m trying out a lot of new things and making a lot of changes in my life right now, so who wouldn’t be insecure in a situation like that. Plus, I am getting out of a “muddy” or sticky situation with my recent break-up so those two combined kind of seem to be clear-cut. In addition, the changes I’m making have a lot to do with my spiritual awakening, so yeah, you could say the spiritual cleansing as prescribed by my muddy vision would be something I should consider.

Further, I’m going to choose to accept the fact that my family was there, watching me break-up after a long chase ending with me up to my ankles in mud as a good sign because it’s MY dream and I can! (just kidding – kind of) So, with my family being there, I’m going to assign the love, warmth and security symbolism. I think that’s only fair, right? And seeing as though that’s how I choose to see them in real life, I think it’s fitting. Plus, they’ve always been there for me during break-ups and have embodied those characteristics, so I think it’s spot on. The good news is though, even if I have just recently been through a break-up the dream didn’t look at it as negative, it’s a positive, so I guess I’m moving onto something better, I’m moving onto the “next level” of my life.

So despite being involved in a yucky or muddy situation and feeling a bit insecure, I’m making progress with my life and going in the right direction in this “next level” or stage. Plus, my family is there for support. This is turning out better than I thought, and honestly, it’s pretty much a complete metaphor for the way life is going right now. Dreams do say a lot about us don’t they.

But we haven’t figured in the last two symbols. How do they work with my current life and situation combined with the ones we’ve connected.  The fact that the meditation has to do with self-acceptance and enlightenment, seems pretty much clear. I’ve accepted my new path in life, and I’m embracing it, even if the chase says I’m insecure about it. That’s okay, I should do what the meditation symbolism says, and judge myself less. That seems like a good message to take from this.

And, the train tracks, we can’t forget those… seeing as though they mean I’m on the right track to achieve my goals, I don’t think I need to read too much more into it. All together, this whole dream is a crazy scene of me leaving my old life behind and choosing the right path to achieve my goals in my new life with the love and support of my family along the way. I just need to remember to have less self-judgment. That’s the lesson my dream was trying to get across. I’m doing okay, so stop judging and being insecure!

For the most part, this was a pretty cathartic dream. It’s amazing how it all makes sense when it comes together. You can’t just look at one symbol and think “a ha! That’s it!” There’s so much more meaning when you analyze them all together. So with that… I’m going to go start working on my insecurities and judgment cause I’m on a pretty good path!! What’s yours? Share it with me and we’ll figure out if you’re on track!! Until then, sweet dreams.