Getting Schooled

As one would expect, a book, a teacher, and an elementary school would all be connected in a dream, right? Well… let’s just see if that’s true – I have a feeling we may be being deceived!

Recently, I saw these three symbols in my dream, and honestly, it seemed so straightforward, why would I need to decode it. But, then I looked again.

According to my favorite dream site,, if you see a book in your dream, it means you’re moving toward your goals, slow but steady. It also stands for knowledge, intellect, wisdom and information.

Well, in my life, this is all spot on. I’m slowly learning about new healing modalities, getting in touch with my life’s purpose, and I’m definitely having a spiritual awakening. But no matter, how much I want to snap my fingers and have all these new lessons and realizations just become a part of me, it’s not all that easy. I am being forced to slow down and study, learn and practice. I’m faced with so much information; I’m practically on overload. And as much as I want to know, like right now, how to tap into my psychic and channeling capabilities, I’m learning it doesn’t just happen over night. So yeah, one could say this book image is pretty spot on. I’m definitely learning and moving towards some pretty awesome goals, but it’s a slow and steady process.

So, how does a teacher factor in?

DreamMoods says that a teacher stands for authority issues and the seeking of approval. Maybe it means you’re being treated like a student being put to a test.

Once again, ding… ding… ding! Yup, I have definitely been put to the test in EVERY aspect of my waking life over the past couple of weeks. From work to my new studies, it seems like I’m being challenged by an authority figure in every which way. So, okay, I guess this dream is pretty much matching up on all levels of my current reality.

And finally, elementary school… I’m a 35-year-old woman, in no way am I experiencing life in elementary school at this stage in my life. But like everything in a dream, it’s more symbolic than actual.

An elementary school symbolizes feelings of inadequacy or unresolved insecurities carried over from childhood, especially as related to performance and skills.

Well, once again, we’ve got a winner. Because of the constant tests I’m facing lately, I’ve definitely felt bouts of insecurities. It’s never good, no matter what age, to feel like you’ve made a mistake or are not up to par with the task at hand. And I sure have faced some real anxiety inducing issues lately. So the image of the school is once again, right on track.

So no, I guess we aren’t being deceived by the presence of these three images together, but there’s something a little bit crazy about this dream when I truly sit back and look at it now. The TIMING!

Having this dream wouldn’t be a big deal if it was all just a replication of what was going on in my life at the same time of them appearing, BUT what if I told you that these images came to me days before all the “anxiety inducing issues,” arose?

Looking back now, I got schooled, on my future! This dream was a foreshadowing of something to come, and unfortunately that something wasn’t a good something. Had I known what the presence of an elementary school and a teacher meant, I may have been paying a little closer attention to what was going on at work, instead of just trusting those that surround me. I would have listened to my instinct when I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right. I may have realized that I was being put to a test that would lead to insecurities about my performance abilities. And I may have been able to avoid a very stressful couple of days, and a frantic call to my spiritual teacher!

Instead, I didn’t heed my instinct. I didn’t listen to my “inner me,” or Higher Self as I’ve begun to learn about. And I surely didn’t realize I was being warned… because when we dream, we are dreaming 3 days into the future. This is where our Higher Self goes to figure out how to navigate situations. It’s also the root of déjà vu, but we’ll leave that for another time. All I can say is, I had NO CLUE that this was what happens when we dream. And I sure with I had!

when we dream, we are dreaming 3 days into the future

I work in television creating commercials for TV shows. And unfortunately this day that I had unknowingly dreamt about was not the most glamorous day in Hollywood for me. I allowed something to go to air promoting the wrong person on our show. THIS put me to the test in every sense of the word.

Exhausted by my late nights pouring over my new spiritual learnings, I went to bed at 4am, only to be awoken by a phone call a couple hours later stating that the person I said was on the show was not the person after all! Over the next three days, it snowballed so bad, that this person almost canceled their appearance which would have thrown off the ENTIRE live broadcast as she was the big draw and focus of our day!

Needless to say, I was cowed. I began questioning myself and my focus. AND, I ran to my spiritual teacher who is also an extremely accurate psychic and I pleaded with her to look into the future and tell me everything was going to be all right. Thankfully, she came back with good news… I was in the clear.

Once calm, I was able to fix the mistake and assess the situation that occurred. I was able to deal with my team, and finally everything has slowed down and gone back to normal. BUT had I had the knowledge that my spiritual teacher shared with me later that week, I may have been able to take greater care with my waking life at the time, and avoided it all completely.

And THAT’S the reason that I share and decode this dream for you today. It’s not because it’s a very interesting dream. It’s not anything abnormal. BUT it’s a sign. All dreams are a sign. And if you know that you, as your “inner you” or Higher Self, is working through possibilities in your life when you go to bed, 3 days in the future, you might start looking at them differently. You might start realizing that you can use your dreams to help you make decisions in the future. You could use it as a warning of something to avoid or which road to take! You could just use it as your “get out of jail” card. I sure wish I had!

So when you go to bed tonight, watch carefully, and when you wake, ask yourself, what did that dream TRULY mean for my FUTURE. You may be surprised at what you discover.