Top 10 Tips for Total Dream Recall


Top 10 Tips for Total Dream Recall

Are you someone who has a hard time remembering your dreams? You wake up and you know you just had an amazing experience, but for the life of you, you can’t remember what that dream was!

Well here are my Top 10 Tips for Total Dream Recall!

  1. INTENTION IS EVERYTHING. When it comes to anything from dreaming to dieting, INTENTION is key! By setting an intention that you’re going to have interesting or meaningful dreams AND you’re going to remember them upon waking, you’re setting yourself up for success. Essentially you’re putting it out into the universe that you will do this, and the more you do it, the more it will work.

  2. GET PLENTY OF REST. The better you sleep, the more you will dream because you will be experiencing more periods of R.E.M. and that is the stage of sleep in which we dream. So make sure to give yourself enough time for a restful and productive sleep session, and you will have more opportunities to dream & remember what you dreamed.

  3. KEEP A DREAM JOURNAL. Make sure that when you go to bed, you have something next to you so that you can record dreams when you wake up, even if it’s in the middle of the night. You will forget your dreams once your attention is pulled to something else in the room or in your mind, so make sure you have a way to write down what you were dreaming RIGHT AWAY so that you don’t forget anything. It’s also helpful to read this dream journal before going to sleep to put you in the right frame of mind for remembering what you’ll soon be experiencing.

  4. THINK BEFORE YOU SLEEP. If you think through questions or problems you’re wrestling with right before you go to sleep, you will be more likely to focus on them in your dream state and you’ll begin to work through them. Dreams are great for this. When we dream, we tend to lay out possibilities and work through things to come (have you ever heard of déjà vu?) By focusing your attention on what you WANT to dream about, you will have much more productive dreams, and you just may come out with an answer you never imagined.

  5. STAY HYDRATED. Not only is water the best conductor of energy, it is also a way to build in a wake up plan! If you drink 3 full glasses of water right before you go to sleep, you might just find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to visit the restroom. And every time you wake from your sleep, you have an opportunity to remember what you were just dreaming. We have multiple dreams every night, so the more you wake, the more opportunities you’ll have to record all those interesting scenarios you’ve been experiencing.

  6. SET A TIMER. Research shows that we go into the R.E.M. stage of sleep about every 90 minutes, and since this is when we dream, you can set an alarm to go off every 90 minutes or so, so that you will wake up and remember whatever dream you were just having!

  7. KEEP YOUR ALARM CLOSE. By keeping your alarm clock close to your bed, you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t get up and change your focus when you wake up. Like I’ve said before, when your attention shifts from your dream world to the real world, we tend to forget what we experienced while asleep. So keeping your alarm clock close, you’ll be sure to not draw your attention away from your pillow. Also, make sure that you are not waking up to music or ads, hearing other things will allow your mind to focus on what is going on outside of the sheets instead of what’s going on in your head.

  8. ASK YOURSELF, ‘WHAT WAS I DREAMING.’ Right when you wake up, simply ask yourself, “what was I just dreaming?” By doing this, you will be keeping your focus on your dreams so that you don’t move onto anything else and forget.

  9. TAKE A DREAM SUPPLEMENT. Yes, you heard me correct; dream supplements are a real thing. So if you’re having trouble dreaming or remembering what you dreamt, do a little research and start taking a dream supplement like vitamin B6. There are a lot of different supplements out there and a quick google search can help you decide what is right for you.

  10. ASSUME THE POSITION. If all else fails, and you can’t remember your dream, try going back to bed. By putting yourself in the same position that you were when you woke, you just may help jog your memory and recall your dreams!

I hope this helps with all your dreaming goals! It’s so much fun when we start to remember what we dream, even if it seems insignificant – you never know what it could lead to!

And once you start to remember those awesome dreams, send them my way, and we can decode them together!

Sweet Dreams!