Cutting It

It’s just hair, or is it?!

You all know that a haircut can be a life-changing experience whether it’s a new ‘do for a new you, or it’s just a little trim. But what’s going on when you DREAM about having your haircut? I had this dream, so let’s find out!

When you see hair in your dream, there are a lot of different meanings. Dreammoods says it can signify sexuality, seduction, sensuality, vanity or even health. It’s definitely indicative of your attitude. But that’s just the hair. What about the cut or style?

If you dream of getting a haircut it could mean anything from experiencing a loss in strength or censorship to eliminating unwanted thoughts or habits and getting a fresh start according to Dreammoods. So you should ask yourself, what’s going on in your life that could signify one of these things so you can figure out which direction your dream is going.

But we won’t just leave it at that. What does it mean if you get a style after your hair is cut? Dreammoods suggests that if you are having your hair combed, brushed or styled that you are looking at new ideas or ways of thinking. Maybe you’re putting your thoughts into order to get them straight.

So all together now, and in reference to my waking life, what did this seemingly innocuous dream of a haircut and style mean for me?

Well, seeing as though I’m just getting involved in a new relationship, seems like the hair portion is right on track with all those new relationship feelings PLUS if I take the latter description of the haircut, it would make sense, it’s definitely a fresh start. After calling off a roller coaster of an engagement not too long ago, this new relationship is fresh and new! Add in the fact that I dreamt of my hair being brushed over and over again, maybe I am starting to look at dating in a brand new way. Which for me is really good! I could use a new way to go about a new relationship.

So I guess there is more to hair! It’s not only about the outward shedding of the old me; it’s also the mental aspect of becoming a new me and approaching a new relationship with a new perspective. Pretty cool, if not, obvious! But who said that dreams had to be confusing, this one seems to be pretty right on track regardless.

Until next time… Sweet Dreams!